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Underfloor Heating Installations in Y Felinheli

Interior UFH are part the Interior Screed Group a multi-disciplined floor screeding and underfloor heating contractor. Delivering installation services since 2010 partnering with major suppliers coupled with a solid nationwide customer base Interior UFH provides wet underfloor heating installations and/or liquid and traditional floor screeding services throughout Y Felinheli and the UK.

Providing installations into both small-scale domestic properties direct to end user together with large commercial contracts we have worked with industry recognised leading main contractors delivering floor screeding and underfloor heating systems into prestigious contracts throughout Y Felinheli and the UK.

In addition to an ever-growing customer base providing floor screeding in Y Felinheli and throughout the UK working with as part of the Interior Screed Group we quickly recognised the requirement of our customers to provide a one stop contracting facility with one point of contact for both floor screeding and underfloor heating installations.

Adoption of our dual service has quickly gathered pace and we have grown exponentially and as the market develops for a multi-disciplined contracting facility, we are well positioned to benefit from an increasing demand for combined underfloor heating systems and floor screeding throughout Y Felinheli and the UK and a whole.

Underfloor heating products and services were once potentially seen as more specialist and a luxury investment within the domestic sector however wet underfloor heating and floor screeding products are now becoming more mainstream and wet underfloor heating and floor screeding currently represents one of the fastest growing sectors within the UK. Environmental issues and ever rising energy costs have been partly responsible for driving high demand, as well as wider generic acceptance as underfloor heating becoming aspirational products.

A vast array of product innovations has made underfloor heating / floor screeding systems easier to install, broadening underfloor heating’s appeal for the retrofit market. Our wet underfloor heating systems can be laid over existing floors, thereby minimising disruption and speeding up installation. Our low-profile underfloor heating systems options are now also available, which reduce the impact on floor height, enabling greater flexibility. We are also seeing high demand for our combined underfloor heating and/or floor screeding in Y Felinheli and the UK.

For more information on our products and services in Y Felinheli please contact us or complete our quick quote form and a member of our friendly team will be in touch.

Liquid Screed Installations in Y Felinheli

We are able to deliver a wide range of floor screeding installation services including liquid floor screed and traditional sand cement floor screed. By cutting out the need to engage two separate companies to deliver both underfloor heating and floor screeding we are able to offer a one stop shop for insulation, underfloor heating systems and floor screeding.

Our floor screeding operatives employed within our group are overseen and managed by our highly trained and experienced construction managers. All operations, commercial and administration departments work closely with management teams to deliver defect free screeding installations on time and on budget.

All of our liquid screed and traditional screeding products are installed as per British Standards (BS8204 Part 1) and manufacturer guidelines and are specifically designed for use with wet underfloor heating systems.


  • Thoroughly check the specification is fit for purpose
  • Preliminarily checks on access restrictions and substrate suitability
  • Pre contract check on egress, building weatherproofing
  • Datum level check ensuring min/max levels can be achieved
  • Final check on waste disposal arrangements and available water points
  • Application of membranes, rigid insulation and underfloor heating
  • Installation of appropriate screed product


Carrying a wide range of insulation products, we are able to install your insulation and membranes before application of the underfloor heating system providing a complete package. From PIR foil faced insulation to gas membranes we ensure a suitable rigid insulation panel and appropriate membrane has been specified before works proceed. We can also provide help and advice should you not have a third-party design specification.


We are proud to have been awarded a license to install Isocrete K Screed following a rigorous selection process. The license itself is issued sparingly within the screeding industry. Isocrete K screed incorporates proprietary additives to produce, and early drying high strength floor screed specifically designed to work perfectly with underfloor heating systems.

Flowcrete’s Isocrete K-Screed has been a market leader in floor screeds since 1969, known in the industry for delivering ‘the level best in floor screeds. Award winning, BBA Approved Isocrete K Screed combines consistency, high strength, rapid installation and excellent moisture control with compatibility to a number of bolt-on subfloor systems including underfloor heating and acoustic insulation systems.

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We are also approved installers for Tarmac, Cemex and Premier Mortars enabling us to cover the majority of site locations nationally. By sourcing a wide variety of delivery wagons and utilising our extensive experience in overcoming tight site access restrictions, we focus hard on a pre-contractual basis to ensure a smooth screed delivery process therefore resulting in a seamless screed installation.

Containing proprietary plasticising and accelerating admixtures used to modify and enhance the performance of sand and cement screeds we are able to consistently deliver a strong level platform on which to lay a host of floor finishes including tiles, wood, carpet, LVT, Vinyl and resin finishes. Curing times can be greatly reduced compared to the typical cycle of standard sand and cement screeds.

  • ✓ Isocrete K-Screed Licensee
  • ✓ Traditional Pumped Screed – Site and Ready Mixed
  • ✓ Proprietary/Modified Screeds – Quick, Rapid, Ultra Rapid, SBR
  • ✓ Liquid Screeds
  • ✓ Self Levelling Screeds
  • ✓ Highly Specialist Mix Screeds
  • ✓ Insulations & Membranes
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