Cliprail System

Our CLIPRAIL underfloor heating systems install directly to rigid insulation boards using polymer/bullnose rails and clips are specifically designed for use within a screeded floor construction.

Particularly suited to sand/cement screeds our sister company Interior Screed wet up the base of the screed in order to fully contact the in-situ pipework, therefore, creating uniform heat dispersal throughout the floor screed and finishes.

PEX 16mm pipework is pre-spaced according to pre-design parameters using our Cliprail system. This underfloor heating system offers greater design flexibility to accommodate irregular design layouts and is our top-performing cost-effective solution.

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Tracker Systems

Our TRACKER systems incorporate a 16mm PEX pipe however are installed to a laminated gridded insulation panel using polymer pipe staples/bullnose clips. Therefore we are able to more accurately place the pipework to specific design requirements. This particular underfloor heating system is specifically designed for use within a floor screed.

Our sister company Interior Screed are able to provide numerous types floor screeding to help move your project along to completion including quick drying and rapid setting sand/cement floor screeds specifically designed to work in conjunction with your underfloor heating system, providing one point of contact we are able to install both your underfloor heating and floor screeding services.

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Biscuit Screed System

Our joisted screed underfloor heating system is designed for use within your joisted floor construction. A rigid type thermal insulation board it is pre-installed between the joists, we then staple/bullnose clip the PEX 16mm pipes directly to the insulation with a screed layer then finishing flush with the top of the joist.

Our sister company Interior Screed then encases the pipework with a high strength rapid drying sand/cement screed. A semi-dry sand/cement is the most appropriate system, in this case, to ensure minimal moisture ingress to either the floor beneath or joist work.

We are able to supply a complete floor screed and underfloor heating package or purely just an underfloor heating system dependant upon your requirements.

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EPS Plated Systems

Our plated EPS underfloor heating systems incorporates a 16mm PEX Pipe and is installed into pre-grooved rigid EPD insulation panels. A 0.5mm Aluminium heat diffusion plate is secured directly in the grooved EPS insulation panels.

This floating underfloor heating system offers a quick solution as you are able to install it directly to your sub-floor. We do advise adequately preparing the sub-floor and working with our sister company Interior Screed we able to specify and install the necessary floor screed if required.

The insulation panels can be cut to exact sizing requirements, the aluminium heat diffusion plates offer excellent heat conductivity and a quick system response heating your floor finish in less time.

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Mesh UFH System

Mesh underfloor heating systems are directly installed to reinforced steel mesh using cable tie. By fastening 16mm PEX pipework to the mesh spaced in accordance using with the pipe layout design a reinforced platform is created for concreting or screeding.

Mesh is normally installed to reinforce concrete and/or screed however more recently  polypropylene fibres are now installed into floor screeds as appose to costly steel mesh reinforcement.

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Floor Screeding Services

As part of the Interior Screed Group, we are able to supply and install a full range of floor screeding systems. Carrying out both large and small scale residential and commercial developments, like us Interior Screed service the whole of the UK.

Specialising in all types floor screeding systems including:

Traditional Pumped Screed – Site and Ready Mixed
Proprietary/Modified Screeds – Quick, Rapid, Ultra Rapid, SBR
Flowing Screeds, Self-Levelling Screeds
Highly Specialist Mix Screeds

Incorporated in 2010, we continue to focus on what we do best which is providing our clients with a first class, defect free floor screeding and underfloor heating services. An Isocrete K Screed licensee you can relax safe in the knowledge we adhere to BBA guidelines.

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