16mm PEX Pipe

Our European Standard barrier pipe is a two layered polyethylene tube using PEX technology that is manufactured and is composed of two bonded layers. It contains an integral 100% oxygen barrier layer to prevent oxygenation of water inside the system and is guaranteed for 50 years.

Polyethylene pipe has excellent properties at high pressures and temperatures as well as being very flexible and easy to use. It is non-corrosive and has excellent resistance to frost. It is also creep-resistant and has a high impact strength. The outer layer protects the oxygen barrier from mechanical damage, moisture and other damaging materials.

Carrying a functionalised polythene that acts as an adhesive layer between the polyethylene and the oxygen barrier. Oxygen diffusion is a very important factor within underfloor heating it is essential that the pipe has a very low level of oxygen permeability so that oxygen ingress cannot cause unnecessary damage and costs.

The triple layered pipe creates an oxygen barrier which is 100% tight and its diameter calculated to allow for maximum performance and flexibility. The middle aluminium layer diffuses the heat more efficiently and offers excellent conductivity, which is necessary for low-temperature systems – this allows the requirement of less pipe work to other systems.

The Process

Consultative Approach

We work closely with you right from the beginning taking an integrated approach taking into consideration of your energy sources, U Value requirements and total floor make up. Well then propose a system for you that has been designed in-house and is fit for purpose with a focus on delivering maximum value for money and optimum energy efficiency.

Project Overview

This is the stage our team combine their knowledge and industry expertise to turn your input into a reality. We will produce a detailed project programme, undertaking key activities in order to create a comprehensive specification for our clients, including: Review of project specification, Conducting any required site surveys, Scope of Works Summary, Product and Service Inclusions and Project Quotation.

A dedicated manager would then continue to work closely with you, during construction and commissioning, to see your project through to a successful conclusion.


Working to your designs and specifications, we provide highly detailed underfloor heating designs for each stage of the project, from initial concept through to installation. Our qualified in-house design team incorporates the development of the general layout, the external envelope and the principals from the project brief.

Once our project valuation has been agreed and you’re ready to move forward we then produce Technical Drawings, Details Floor Sections, Manifold and Control Placement Proposals and Heat and Output Tables.

Delivery and Installation

Once final schematics and plans are agreed with you, we will deliver, install, commission and handover the system specification whilst ensuring your satisfaction throughout. Your Project Manager will manage all logistical movements avoiding any delays, as well as provide you with: On-Site Management, Experienced Installation Team, CDM Regulations, Handover & Commissioning, O&M – Incl. As-Built Drawings & Warranties.