Our BISCUIT SCREED underfloor heating systems are directly installed to rigid insulation panels using polymer pipe staples. The Rigid insulation panel normally finishes 25-30mm below the top of joist and is supported by the timber framework/joists.

Our screed teams then install a 25-50mm high strength semi-dry sand cement rapid drying screed to finish with the top of joist. By introducing a 40N/mm2 strength rapid drying screed we are able to ensure that with accelerated drying the screed is able to achieve suitable strength in minimal time.


  • Supporting timber battens to be fixed to inside of joist to support floor finish
  • Rigid insulation installed directly between joists/screed layer flush with top of joist
  • Pipework is encased within the range of 25-50mm rapid dry sand/cement screed
  • High heat conductivity and even heat distribution is achieved across floor area
  • Pipework then pressure tested/commissioned and remains under pressure


  • Rigid insulation panels to be fitted directly upon supporting engineered timber board
  • PEX pipe is directly applied to rigid insulation panel
  • Spaced in accordance with UFH design using pipe clips
  • PEX pipe installed in continuous lengths from distribution manifold
  • Joists to be notched in accordance with building regulations
  • Pipework to be pressure tested/commissioned in-house
  • Installation of semi-dry rapid setting sand/cement floor screed


We provide a comprehensive range of innovative system controls offering the ultimate in both stylish, discreet design coupled with intuitive user friendly operation. Our slimline series of WIFI enabled thermostats provide an extensive range of control options including touch- screen wireless, networked operation via mobile app (Apple and Android platforms).


Precision engineered nickel plated manifolds provide complete underfloor heating system control utilising adjustable flow gauges, mixing valve with ‘A’ rated pump. By precisely distributing and regulating low temperature warm water to each ‘zone’ of the underfloor heating system we ensure the system delivers optimum heating dispersion.


We exclusively use a multilayer high performance pipe that is extremely resilient and flexible. Constructed from a superior cross linked polyethylene composite our pipe delivers a higher pressure resistance to both heat and pressure providing superior strength and durability.


Carrying a wide range of insulation products and services we are able to install your insulation and membranes before application of the underfloor heating system. From PIR foil faced insulation to gas membranes we ensure a suitable rigid insulation panel and appropriate membrane has been specified before works proceed. We can also provide help and advice should you not have a third party design specification.


We are able to deliver a wide range of floor screeding supply and installation services. By cutting out the need to engage two separate companies we are able to offer a one stop nationwide shop for seamless insulation, underfloor heating and floor screeding installations. Your First Choice Contractor for residential and commercial developments, we service the whole of the UK